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This site specializes in military issued and/or used knives from WW2 to date. The emphasis is on knives issued or used by elite military units from Vietnam to date, by such units as the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets); U.S. Navy SEALS; U.S. Navy UDT; U.S. Marines Force Recon and other units. I guarantee all of my knives to be what I say they are and that they are in the condition that I have described. While I have found some good deals on knives on sites like Ebay, the biggest problem I have is that the item on the auction site is not in as good condition as it was described in the seller’s ad; the seller does not have a return privilege and/or the seller will not honor his return privilege. You will not get the “auction excuses” from me. You buy it and it has a 10 day inspection privilege. I know what it is that I am selling and I am a condition freak myself, so it will be accurately described. I have been collecting military knives for over 22 years, and I am well known among many military knife authors and other nationally known collectors. My references are available upon request. Please note that I am not a dealer, just a collector, so my day job must take priority over the website. That said, I will do my best to promptly answer any inquiries or questions about the items I have for sale.
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I also run a companion website called www.vietnamwarmilitaria.com where I offer for sale and/or trade duplicates, extras and/or items I am thinning out of my collection. Besides military issued knives, I also collect knives by Gerber, Terzuola, Randall, Loveless and BenchMark. I have duplicates of those, so some of those will be making their way to this site in the future.

99.9% of the items on this site I only have one of, so email me to confirm availability prior to sending any payment.

I accept payment by Paypal, cashier’s check, postal money orders and Western Union.
I am always interested in trades and/or purchasing quality military items.

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Elite Military Knives
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Happy hunting!